Tipp is an almost 3-year-old American Bully – her pet parents had seen this issue with her before, but now its back!  Tipp had prolapsed her vagina and likely some of her uterus – and now the tissue had become damaged!  Unfortunately, this can happy when dogs go through natural heat cycles – and can be a recurrent problem.  The solution!  Have Tipp spayed to prevent further hormones from causing this again and replace the tissue and this will solve the problem permanently.  The issue, Tipp’s pet parents did not have the funding for the surgery.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was contacted by the team at VCA Animal Care Clinic who could perform the surgery, and with a grant from SAGEC4A, Tipp is now back with her pet parents!

Dogs that are not spayed can have a number of health issues – some that require emergency surgery and can cost thousands of dollars!  Spaying your dog is not just a good thing for pet population control, it can save their lives!