Zeus is a 1 1/2 year old Doberman that had a bad habit of eating things that he shouldn’t…..and one day, that caught up with him!  His pet mom brought him in to see the team at Advanced Veterinary Medical Center after he was vomiting all of his food for 2 days.  Zeus was diagnosed with foreign material causing a blockage in his intestines and he needed surgery.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to assist with funding to get the surgery done that day.  He had eaten some fabric and stuffing and this had caused his intestines to bunch up and damaged the blood flow to them.  Luckily, the AVMC team got him to surgery quickly and he recovered well!  

SAGEC4A was excited to meet Zeus and his pet parents at the Animal Rescue Foundation’s Animals on Broadway!  Please see our Facebook and Instagram posts for more pictures of Zeus and all the dogs we met!!